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Occult Hitler

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Occult Hitler



True and false “facts” about Hitler are repeated from author to author, website to website. What matters most are not the particular influences Hitler identified with, but the overall fact that, like Crowley, he was obsessed with the occult and it iinfluenced his philosophy and behavior. The details of the Crowley-Hitler legend are probably less important than than understanding how to become a living legend by seizing the opportunity to become legendary, even notorious.

The most outrageous legend surrounding Crowley-Hitler connection proposes the magus as Hitler’s doppelganger. The theory starts off with Crowley's intelligence/occult work in the first few decades of the last century. This put him in a position to pick a patsy who he could switch places with and then make an attempt at power under his new identity.

Although there is some disparity in age (Crowley was born in 1875 and Hitler in 1889) by the time you are looking for the switcheroo the difference wouldn't be that notable. In 1918 the quiet Austrian painter and minor war hero emerged from his convalescence (from mustard gas attacks and what some think was PTSD) as an occult-obsessed lunatic bent on world destruction.

Where was Aleister Crowley during Hitler's miserable stay and psychiatric treatment in Pasewalk Hospital, Pomerania (80 miles north of Berlin)? Hitler was treated for mustard gas, hysterical blindness, depression and post traumatic stress syndrome with hypnotic suggestion by Dr. Edmund Forster who diagnosed him as a psychopath.

When Hitler came out he was a rabid political animal. If there was a single, identifiable moment when Nazism was born, it was in that hospital in November 1918. Hitler’s degeneration had begun. He became a vegetarian obsessed with the occult. Hitler hired a chemist to produce methamphetamine in the early 1900's.

Hitler was infected with syphilis in 1908, and thirty years later, the dormant illness entered the tertiary stage. Tremors and irregular heartbeat during the last years of his life could have been symptoms of tertiary (late stage) syphilis. He was a methamphetamine addict from about 1935, courtesy the quack Dr. Morrell, who was retained by Hitler as his doctor because Morrell was a syphilis expert.

Whether Crowley was there for some reason is conjecture, but someone brainwashed, drugged, and hypnotized Hitler into a profound personality change. Further, Crowley’s notoriety as an Occult Messiah would likely have drawn Hitler’s attention in the natural course of events with his keen interest in the occult. Arguably, he was sort of a proto-Nazi. Both were slaves to drugs, which skewed their views of reality and jacked up their paranoia meters.

“The Book of the Law,” (1904) written at the same time as Einstein’s Relativity Theory (1905) was a prescription for a quantum leap in social reorganization based in worldwide destruction. Adolf Hitler whole-heartedly adopted many of the central tenets of Liber Al.

Crowley fed Hitler’s dark fantasies, directly or indirectly. Whether or not he actually embraced “the Law of Thelema,” as such, there can be no doubt at all that Hitler was aware of the Book, and probably derived a certain demonic inspiration from it as he did from Nietzsche and Wagner. It is an indisputable fact that the SS—and Nazism (originally spawned by the Thule Society) as a whole—was established upon an occult basis, and that its inner structures and purposes were not merely political, but decidedly magickal.

Though it is controversial, John Roemer reports Hitler took peyote with a rustic German shaman who got the drug from Mexico. He had his first transcendent experience and saw his past lives on the psychedelic. Hitler came to see himself as a negative spiritual force, the antagonist of Parcival. He travelled the shadowed path.

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Izakovic there is an explicit Crowley-Hitler link:


Hitler learned many of his occult lesson from avatars in Vienna and Munich. Crowley's student Dietrich Eckart met Hitler in 1919 and became Hitler’s esoteric mentor in persuasion and oratory, techniques of self confidence, self projection, body language and discursive sophistry.  Hiler dedicated his biography, Mein Kampf (which he wrote with Rudolph Hess) to Dietrich.  Eckart used peyote in his magical practice.  He also used techniques from Crowley’s sex magick and Arabian astrological magic.  Eckart opened Hitler’s centers with perverse black arts.

Later, Karl Haushofer, founder of the Vril Society, filled the mentor role. He was a student of Gurdjieff. Haushofer taught him Gurdjieff’s techniques based on the teachings of the Sufis and the Tibetan Lamas.  He also familiarized him with the Zen teaching of the Japanese Society of the Green Dragon.  Hitler’s new-found charisma becomes more comprehensible when we realize he tapped the secret psychological techniques of esoteic lodges, now codified in systems such as NLP.

Eckart was the wealthy publisher and editor-in-chief of the anti-Semitic journal Auf Gut Deutsch. He was also a committed occultist and a master of magic who belonged to the inner circle of the Thule Society as well as other esoteric orders.

The Thule Society believed in highly intelligent, illuminated secret beings who work behind the scenes, much like Theosophy’s Ascended Masters and Golden Dawn’s Secret Chiefs. There is some evidence that Eckart used Crowley’s ritual magic to prepare Hitler for his occultic destiny of ruling the Aryan race and ultimately the world.

Having done his worst, Eckart died in 1923, but only after proudly advising those around him: "Follow Hitler! He will dance, but it is I who have called the tune! I have initiated him into the 'Secret Doctrine', opened his centers of vision and given him the means to communicate with the Powers. Do not mourn for me: I shall have influenced history more than any other German."

From then on Crowley himself influenced Hitler's thinking and beliefs directly. Hitler was already familiar with his writing and theories through the Thule Society, and The Book of the Law, oriented toward various fascist principles, became Hitler's guide. Very often he would paraphrase or express an idea from the book - often word for word.

Armed with new, secret psychological techniques Hitler was able to move the obscure National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSDAP) from the clubs and beer halls to a mass movement, while in 1925 Crowley was elected World Head of the OTO.

Between 1936 and 1939 Crowley paid a number of visits to Nazi Germany while Heinrich Himmler's Occult Corps (Geheimnisvolle Korps) recruited or persecuted all practicing occultists in Germany and incorporated into one organization the Thule Society, the Vril Society and the German branch of the OTO. The SS Paranormal Division's subsequent vilification of Crowley during World War II was a simple cover; behind the political facades performed for the public the most powerful factions (occult and economic) of Germany and Britain were not enemies but allies, bound together in the one great war for the conquest of men’s souls and minds.

Himmler viewed the relationship between Crowley and Hitler like that once shared by Merlin and Arthur: the one magician, adviser and the architect of Camelot, the other true-born king, and each equally benefiting from the favors of the other. But Marianna Blavatsky, high priestess of the Occult Corps, claimed the relationship was more like that once shared by Rasputin and the Romanovs of Russia, and that it was Crowley who ruled the Third Reich


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Martha Küntzl, born in 1857 (Sister 'Ich Will Es' - I want it) stumbled feverishly from one cult to another, until the Book of the Law put her on the right path and was sustained in her last years by the Law of Thelema. Frau Küntzel's translation of "Liber AL" produced in 1925, of which she claimed to have delivered a copy to Hitler, met with neither Karl Germer's nor Henri Birven's approval; or so Germer passed on Birven's opinion to Crowley: "he calls her translations childish and silly".

Nevertheless, in the beginning of the 1940s when he read Hermann Rauschnings " Hitler Speaks" (1939) Crowley opined "Yes, it is astonishing how closely his [Hitler's] intimate thoughts run on the same rails". For example, when Hitler had said that "we are now at the end of the Age of Reason. The intellect has grown autocratic and become a disease of life" he seemed to paragraphe Crowley's Liber AL II;27-32, and when he had said "A new age of magic interpretation of the world is coming of interpretation in terms of the will and not the intelligence", he was similarly paraphrasing I;44, of Crowley's Book of the Law.

Crowley got a fixation on Hitler. He scribbled in his copy of Rauschning's "Hitler Speaks" many comments that reveal how much he thought Hitler had taken over from Liber AL. On 4th February 1939 he dreamt "about Hitler & cigars & Magick & my horse Sultan. I was running Germany for him," because "Fascism must always fail because it creates the discontent which it is designed to suppress." On 2nd June 1939 he again dreamt. "I had several long talks with Hitler a very tall man. Forgot subject, but he was pleased & impressed: ordered all my books translated & made official in Germany". Diary 17 October 1939: "Hitler reported dead from a surfeit of raspberries". 24 January 1940 another dream with Hitler and "Phallic geometric pictures, Satanic parodies of diagrams" etc.

On 29 July 1943, Crowley went to the movies to see a cartoon film: "Saw show of cartoons lampooing Mein Kampf, with appropriate quotations. Taken in these selected doses, what a masterpiece! And how patent & profound a debt he owes to AL!" After World War II he promptly u-turned his opinion: "Himmler, the Schweinhund [sic] & worse who put Karl Germer on Concentration Camps ­ chiefly because he was my friend! ­ killed himself after capture."

We do know that Crowley had dropped out of sight. Visitors were told Mr. Crowley had gone on a Masonic "Magical Retreat" to a secret place called Esopus Island. He supposedly went off to camp and canoe for over a month somewhere, writing a commentary on the ancient Chinese sage Lao Tzu. (Blackraiser)

So, did he or didn’t he? Was he ‘on retreat’ or mindphreaking Hitler in Germany in 1918? OR, most remarkably, had he mastered the psychic power of bilocation? Was he literally in both places at once? “Let’s do the timewarpp, again.” Although Crowley's absences do seem to link up with important periods in Hitler's life it would be difficult for him to have pulled this off throughout WWII without anyone noticing.

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